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Special Meeting of the Membership on July 21, 2016

Your BC Board of Directors hereby calls for a Special Meeting of the membership. The purpose of the meeting is to allow BC members the opportunity to ask questions of the Board and engage each other regarding the current state of our local and National Association, and to have the opportunity to put forward Motions for inclusion on the agenda of our upcoming BC Society AGM.

The British Columbia Society of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada is comprised of skilled Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals who are dedicated to delivering timely and effective services that transition individuals with impaired work capacities to suitable and satisfying outcomes. We believe that all persons should have the right and opportunity to participate in society fully and with dignity.

The BC Society (VRA BC) works in conjunction with the national association, VRA Canada, to ensure the public receives the highest quality of care. We are committed to promoting excellence through the application of our professional standards of practice and conduct, and demonstrating our accountability to all our stakeholders and the public.

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