About VRA-BC

The Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada - British Columbia Society (VRA BC) is a not-for- profit association that supports its members in promoting, providing and advocating for the delivery of vocational and pre-vocational rehabilitation services for individuals experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, disabling conditions.

Our Society was incorporated under the BC Societies Act in 1971 and has continued operations supporting Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals in British Columbia since that time.

Working in concert with our National Association, we are committed to supporting professionals engaged in the vocational rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in the:

  • Study and research of vocational rehabilitation
  • Maintenance of ethical considerations
  • Preservation of the commonality of standards and procedures
  • Promotion of professional development through workshops, lectures, seminars and other projects.

Our Executive and Committees are fully volunteer-based and rely on the contributions of dedicated professionals to manage and promote the Society's goals and objectives through regular meetings.  These goals and objectives include:

  • Uniting members working in all facets of the vocational/prevocational rehabilitation process.
  • Providing forums, lectures, seminars, workshops and courses to ensure the integrity of the vocational/prevocational rehabilitation process and the development and maintenance of high standards for vocational rehabilitation professionals in BC and Canada.
  • Encouraging and promoting the registration and certification of all persons working in the vocational rehabilitation profession to demonstrate professional competence to clients, payers, industry agencies and other stakeholders.
  • Lobbying for the development of educational opportunities specific to vocational rehabilitation.
  • Encouraging the development of chapters across British Columbia to meet specific professional and educational needs of members locally.
  • Maintaining ongoing communication with disability advocacy groups, government, and other allied professionals.

VRA BC supports the Vision and Mission of VRA Canada
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