President's Message

While 2020 brought in a plethora of interferences to the field of vocational services as a result of the pandemic, 2021 saw rise of the industry to create innovative ways to overcome barriers. The virtual world took centre stage in our communications with our clients and all stakeholders as we all learned how to conduct our work via virtual platforms - and discovered it can be done! Training institutions began to deliver their programs online. Many assessments relevant to vocational services were reworked to be conducted virtually. Employers resumed recruitment and hiring plans through video interviews and remote work options. As noted at our 2020 AGM, the professionals in our industry have adapted to continue to serve our clientele to overcome barriers to finding meaningful employment. The VRA Canada Annual Conference was also a great success, delivered virtually with keynote and expert speakers and even a networking portal. This was a fabulous opportunity for vocational rehabilitation professionals to update knowledge, meet and greet, and obtain CEU’s. We may never need to travel to attend in person conferences again! 

The BC Society is formed by a small and dedicated board of directors. We have representation on several committees at the national level and are involved and provide our guidance where we can. We participate in the membership committee and governance discussions and participate on the national board monthly meetings, and attended the annual planning retreat in September. During COVID we continue to virtually meet monthly, review the financial situation and work closely with Megram who assist with our board meeting minutes, planning for the year, and keeping track of activities of our members. We have continues to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of amalgamating with the Prairies or VRA Canada, but continue to operate as a separate society to represent our BC VRA members at this time. We are seeking your guidance for VRA BC and welcome if you wish to attend in an advisory capacity or join us at the board level for important discussions in the months ahead.  

Thank you for attending today’s AGM and we look forward to working with you in the year ahead.