Who We Are

Our members are committed to providing client-centered, outcome-based vocational/prevocational rehabilitation interventions and services to individuals experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, disabling conditions.

Our members advocate for the recognition of the rights and the accessibility to appropriate services for individuals experiencing, or at risk of experiencing disabling conditions across the life span. Our members work with these individuals to enhance their power and control over their own lives implementing client-centered models of service delivery.

The primary services provided within the rehabilitation process include;

  • Assessment;
  • Vocational Career and Adjustment Counseling;
  • Vocational Evaluation;
  • Transferable Skills Analysis;
  • Work Adjustment;
  • Job Placement / Development;
  • Job Analysis and Evaluation;
  • Case Management/ Rehabilitation Services Co-ordination, and;
  • Disability Management.

Essential to this process is that ethical relationships are built and maintained between the vocational rehabilitation professional and clients; family members, other professionals, and direct service providers; and third parties, community agencies, employers, colleagues, and students.